Artificial Intelligence in the Beauty Industry

Artificial Intelligence (or AI) is revolutionising the digital marketing sphere by allowing businesses unprecedented ways in which to connect with consumers. The way in which AI can be used is essentially limitless with the global AI market estimated to reach $89.74 billion by 2025.

sk-ii future x smart store singapore

One of the industries that has embraced AI is the beauty industry, something that I was able to witness recently whilst wandering through Singapore with some friends. We came across the Future X Smart Store by skincare brand SK-II. What initially drew us in were the large digital screens out front known as ‘The Art of You’ that recognises facial expressions and reacts accordingly to mimic your movements.

SK-II’s Future X Smart Store arrives in Singapore: Consider our minds blown

Once you step into the kiosk, your personalised skincare journey begins. A Smart bracelet records your progress throughout the immersive experience beginning with a thorough skin analysis in which a machine simply scans your face and uses AI to identify key concerns you may have.


On the second level of the kiosk, the Results Wall displays your results from the comprehensive analysis by simply tapping your Smart bracelet.

Finally, the Beauty Bar allows you to browse suitable skincare products based on your main skin concerns with SK-II consultants on hand to help you understand your results.


I personally found it to be a very immersive experience that allowed me to engage directly with a brand that I wasn’t too familiar with in an interesting way.

With the growing influence of AI expected to increase, I think it will potentially create a whole new dimension of customer engagement along with the ability for businesses to connect with their consumers in a more personalised and unique way.

What are your thoughts on brands using Artificial Intelligence to create more meaningful engagements with consumers?


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