Enhancing the Customer Experience through Big Data

The concept of data and its use is something that comes up quite frequently in relation to digital marketing. Every picture you like or ad you click on facilitates the collection of data that in turn builds a profile of your online presence and behaviour. This information can prove invaluable for businesses who have come to recognise the importance of data and technology in generating trends and insights intended to enhance the customer experience.

In an increasingly competitive landscape, more and more businesses are searching for unique ways to differentiate themselves and stand out from their competition. One of the ways in which businesses can achieve this is through Big Data – large sets of data that can be analysed to understand consumer trends and behaviours. Organisations can gather copious amounts of data from consumers through a variety of avenues such as social media and use these to build a more enhanced consumer profile. The harvesting of this data can be extremely beneficial for organisations and can lead to an increased competitive advantage through enhancing the customer experience.

One of the ways Big Data can be beneficial for businesses is through targeted advertising. An example of this is Netflix. With over 100 million subscribers, Netflix has no shortage of data available to analyse and improve upon their customer experience. Through the use of this data, they are able to make personalised recommendations for you based on your past viewing experiences as well as organise your recommendations based on your profile through their Personalised Video Ranker.

What are your thoughts on Big Data in enhancing the customer experience?


6 thoughts on “Enhancing the Customer Experience through Big Data

  1. I think Big Data is so important and essential in understanding customers and predicting their future actions. As much as it greatly benefits the companies, it benefits the customers too.

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  2. Hi Chauntelle, I think big data is a great way to understand their consumers and create a more valuable experience by making personalised recommendations. It is easier and quicker for me to find content I like, which is great!

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