Chatbots – Can They Improve Customer Engagement?


Chatbots are typically run by artificial intelligence and can be used by businesses as a means of responding to customer queries through a formalised process. They allow for the improvement of customer service through enabling consumers to read and receive information almost instantaneously. The increase in the use of chatbot technology has also seen businesses offering customers the chance to ask queries and even make purchases from their own personal social media accounts, such as Facebook.


Some of you might remember Boost Juice’s ‘Find Your Perfect Matcha,’ campaign that was run in 2017. Accessible through the Messenger app, the chatbot intended to match users to their perfect fruit and offered them the chance to win free Boost vouchers and potentially a trip to Japan. The Matcha Bot campaign saw an unprecedented rise in customer engagement with a total of 117,000 users engaging in 370,000 chatbot conversations. Boost Juice’s Head of Digital stated that “brands get caught up in trying to sell to customers, when really [Boost aims] to create engaging experiences.”  


Chatbots have faced some criticism as while they do appear to be the future of brand opportunities, others believe that they diminish the need for a human element.

Personally, I think that chatbot technology has effectively changed the way in which businesses can engage with consumers as they offer a whole new way to create meaningful customer experiences. However, businesses should still be cautious when adopting chatbot technology as there have been instances of ineffective use which can potentially lead to frustrated and dissatisfied customers.

So throwing it out to you now – what are your thoughts and experiences with chatbots?


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