Defining Digital Marketing


Digital Marketing involves the use of information technology by businesses to promote their goods and services to deliver value for both themselves as an organisation and to their customers. It is considered to be the fastest growing area of marketing due to its ability to transcend geographic boundaries and has effectively disrupted the traditional ways in which organisations would conduct their business activities. Digital marketing encompasses a wide range of technological tools such as SEO, social media and email marketing among many others, some of which will be explored in more detail in subsequent posts.  Due to the speed of information gathering and the development of new technologies, digital marketing is in a state of constant evolution, allowing for the development of increasingly smarter technology in the future capable of further enhancing and optimising the consumer experience.

At its core, digital marketing helps streamline the marketing process through the use of technological tools. These enable the business to specifically target certain consumer segments through channels that are most applicable to them. Email advertising is a great example of this, having worked for me just the other day. I was looking online for a birthday gift for a friend when an email popped up in my inbox notifying me that Mimco had released their new winter collection and inviting me to browse it online. Having clicked through the email, I was able to find something that she’d really love within minutes.

With digital marketing technology creating new ways for businesses to engage with consumers, it is becoming increasingly important for organisations to have and maintain an online presence.


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